Where Does Your Organization Excel?

In coaching for business, I often find myself helping clients finding the one thing their organization does best, and leveraging that for growth.  Of course, the area of excellence needs to be something customers care about.

Perhaps your company’s product development, innovation, customer care, technological savvy are far and away better than the competition.  An business consulting, I often ask, how do you know it is better?  My business advice is to have obejctive feedback, so it is clear your decisions are not based on company mythology.

Poll your customers and prospects to understand what is key to them.  What do they want in new products, innovation, customer care — and is excellence in this a reason to go to a new supplier?

If all signs point to go, then continue to hone your area of excellence.  It will bring in more business.  If market feedback shows another expertise is key, then business growth will best be served by shifting the company’s area of excellence.


Tove Rasmussen, Business Coach and CEO of Partners Creating Growth, offers business expertise worldwide to help organizations grow, and disadvantaged regions thrive.Photo credit: Vicky Brock

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