Expand Bandwidth to Complete Vital Growth Projects

grow businessDo high impact growth projects languish while your team is busy with pressing daily priorities? Many small and mid-sized companies struggle with this. But there are solutions. You can get them done and watch the increased profits roll in.

We are talking about projects to increase your profitable growth, but there is no one to make them happen. Or, people try to add them to their already full-time responsibilities, but daily activities always take priority. Partners Creating Growth expands our clients’ capacity to complete high margin growth projects.

We specialize in market analysis, strategy and implementation, backed by a thorough operations understanding and profit management experience. We are happy to help you where it is needed. At IDEXX Labs, I led my business to launch a new product each year – in the US and/or globally –  when none had been launched during the previous 7 years.

Typically, we help our clients with:

  • determining the best growth opportunities to focus on and how;
  • developing and commercializing new products;
  • entering new, related markets; and
  • getting funding.
    This is all done in collaboration with key members of your staff.

Not sure where to start? We can do a quick assessment, and provide solid recommendations for you.

Just give us a call at 207-409-7576, and we can figure out how to best to improve your growth and profits. In the meantime, just enjoy this newsletter, chock full of information and ideas to help you out.

Happy Summer!


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Realize Your Profitable Opportunities

Opportunities blog Oct 1 2014 Nigel HoweI hope you are up for a challenge, dear readers, because I have one for you. Beginning now, I challenge you to look for a few, key business growth opportunities to focus on. We understand how difficult it is to find and implement new, good business opportunities. We know. We have been there.

Many stages of businesses- from start up to established – face challenges in identifying and implementing growth opportunities. Identifying the best opportunities to pursue can be helped significantly by supplementing sales information with insightful market research and effective analytical techniques. New and existing opportunities can be implemented more smoothly with excellent strategies, market research,  financial analysis to ensure profit, plus the ability to scale up operations, and more.  A myriad of skills and abilities will take your company to the next level. PCG can increase your bandwidth and supplement your company’s capabilities to realize the profitable opportunities.

By achieving greater profitability, you not only improve your bottom line –but also the economy and community around you. The economic growth makes your world a better place.

Once you begin to look for opportunities, you will find yourself:

  • Scaling up your existing business
  • Moving into new, though related, markets
  • Launching new products
  • Getting into new cities, states or countries

For specific actions to grow your company, keep an eye on this newsletter. Much more information is forthcoming. Until then, take a look at our article on 14 Sources of Competitive Advantage or check out an earlier blog, 5 Keys to Business Growth, or scan any of the earlier blogs for advice to suit your needs. As always, feel free to let me know if you’d like me to cover a specific topic in one of our future newsletters – input from my readers provides excellent guidance on what you most need.

So, begin evaluating the growth opportunities surrounding you, with a view to focusing on the big-hitters. Take some time to work on them daily and see your world improve.


Partners Creating Growth are business strategy, market research and financing experts with national and international capabilities. We offer business expertise worldwide to help organizations grow & disadvantaged regions thrive. Email: Tove@PartnersCreatingGrowth.com

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Is it Time to Get Serious about Profitable Growth?

sapling-154734_640The year has flown by and it’s already November – the New Year is not that far away. What are the key priorities for your business next year? Is it time to get serious about growing your company profitably?

Read through the following statements to see if any resonate with you. Find out if it’s the right time for you.

  • We are not growing.
  • We are growing revenues, but not profits.
  • We have ambitious growth goals and few effective growth plans.
  • I don’t have enough ideas to grow the company.
  • There are so many ideas for growth, I don’t know what to focus on.
  • We don’t have time to move the growth initiatives forward.
  • We can’t seem to sell more to existing customers.
  • We need good information on possible growth markets and on the competition.
  • We are struggling with getting into new or adjacent markets.
  • Our new products are not launching or selling.
  • We want someone involved who knows growth strategies and considers the impact of growth on operations and on the financials.

Our experience shows that it’s the right time to focus on profitable growth when you agree with one or more of the above statements. If so, contact PCG @ 207-409-7576 or Tove@PartnersCreatingGrowth.com. We have a track record of helping companies grow profitably, and would love to include you in our family of customers.


Partners Creating Growth works with companies to realize their profitable opportunities. We have considerable experience in generating and selecting innovative ideas; developing and commercializing new products; and connecting to new markets. We offer coaching, strategic planning, market research and financing expertise worldwide to help organizations grow & disadvantaged regions thrive. Contact Tove Rasmussen @ 617-615-6419 or 207-409-7576 Email: Tove@PartnersCreatingGrowth.com

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3 Steps to Grow Beyond your Existing Business

Schwab Private Client

Schwab Private Client

I recently spoke with the vice president of marketing at a New England technical firm who stated that his company has an effective process in place to identify and select appropriate business growth opportunities. I was excited to hear this, as I know this is rare. Now a recent McKinsey study confirms the rarity. It found that few companies actually increase their revenues by pursuing growth outside their core business, and uncovered 3 steps to  overcome this challenge. Continue reading

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Are you Ready to Scale Up your Business?

Are you ready to scale up by Tom an untrained eye httpswww.flickr.comphotosan_untrained_eyeMeet Jack. He owns a plastics injection molding firm. It serves everybody who wants the product. His business is much the same as his competition. He believes his advantage is customer service. He believes he needs a higher profile. That will help him grow the most.

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Catch the Wave of Innovation in Maine: Start Up & Create Week

Innovation debaoklThere is a movement afoot in Maine – highlighted by Maine’s Start Up and Create Week, this week. Over 75 events. Over 45 panels, workshops, speakers. Countless connections, affiliations, partnerships and new ideas. It is an event fueled by volunteers committed to growing innovative businesses in Maine. Over 20,000 volunteer hours since the beginning of the year.

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Dangerous Gaps: What Information is your Business Missing?

Dangerous Gaps Norman BearSome pieces of information are critical to your business. What information do you need that uncovers potential market sales, brings home the value of your offering, or is the defining stroke for going forward with an opportunity? Without this information, the business suffers.

For some of you, the haunting question will come to mind immediately. Others will need to pull themselves up from the weeds to consider the big picture – what key piece of information is needed? What is missing? What information, if gained, will have the biggest impact on the business? Continue reading

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Are you Considering the Big Questions?

Big Questions Marina del CastellAre you mired in the day-to-day? Getting the sale, customer service issues, invoicing, getting the job done. What brings you out of the trees to the forest? To focus on the key questions that will drive your business forward. What are the big questions?

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5 Steps to a Compelling Vision for your Team

Saipan. One hands is holding a glass sphere and it projects the sky and the clouds at the beach.Sammy Fox wanted to inspire his team, to motivate them, so he settled on the idea of communicating a compelling vision. Yet, when he told them the vision they didn’t really care. It didn’t matter to them. There was no impact. How can you avoid this?

ONE. First of all, your team needs to believe you. Over time, as a leader, you need to foster a climate of trust and credibility with your team. You need to develop a positive relationship with them. An optimistic viewpoint, consistency, fairness, fun, support and demonstrating your knowledge without always having to be right are excellent ingredients for creating this. Continue reading

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Creating a Culture of Innovation

edison liu 2Creativity is fostered, not forced, says Edison Liu, President of Jackson Labs, a leading genetics research facility based in Bar Harbor, Maine. Creating a culture of creativity is like herding cats and requires a special touch, said Liu.

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