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  • See below for a description of each service.
  •  Scale Up Assessment. Are you ready to scale up? We can perform an assessment to determine whether your company is ready to scale up and, if not, what the company needs to effectively scale up.
  • Business Strategy and Planning. We can lead you through the strategic planning process or hone your planning process to develop effective business plans to enter new markets, launch new products and more.
  • Market Research To ensure the strategy is based on facts and data from the market, we offer advanced tools and techniques for online, telephone and written surveys. For example, using our sophisticated, high tech tools, we were able to obtain 100 responses in 2-3 days, where the client had struggled to receive 20 over several months. More info.
  • Financing. We utilize the business plan to generate project financing that can include grants or loans. We have helped clients obtain grants from the Maine Technology Institute to finance their new product development.
  • Financial Analysis. We can analyze the firm’s financial status to determine what the company needs to do to improve profitability. We have experience turning around companies, including taking one $20 million manufacturing company from a $1 million loss to profit.
  • Business Coaching. Want to take your business to the next level? Our one-on-one coaching sessions guide you through creating and implementing a strategy that generates growth. We have successfully coached clients to understand their competitive advantage and to expand their markets. More info.
  • For Social Enterprise Organizations. We help social enterprises succeed though offering expert business advice, mentoring, business coaching and business consulting. The circle of services above – including strategy, financing, market research – apply equally to social enterprises developing an effective business model and moving into new markets or launching new products. More social enterprise services info.

“Tove’s thoughtful work with our New Initiatives Committee has brought a creative and organized business perspective to the creation and fulfillment of new funding ideas needed by a non-profit.”  Sam Beal, Executive Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Maine.