Case Studies

Case Study: Get Vital Customer Insights in Days

SMI Eye TrackingProblem: The client wanted to find out whether his market would use a completely new software application. He had been working to get appropriate respondents to complete his survey for over 3 months. He had an agreement with a retailer to capture potential respondents at the point of sale but getting responses was very difficult. Only a few responses had been acquired… Read about the solution

Case Study: How do I get Grant Funding?

grant funding http 401kcalculator.orgProblem: The business needed to obtain funding to further develop its product offering. The client had marshaled considerable inexpensive resources using a university venture program; however, more funding was needed to move the project forward quickly enough to take advantage of the market opportunity… Read about the solution.


Case Study: How do I Scale up my Business?


Problem: The quick turn printing company was growing at a fast clip. It had entered new markets and was doubling in size. As a result, the old, informal systems were not working anymore. Communication was more complex, and the company needed new systems to keep track of their progress – as well as any areas that needed improvement…. Read about the solution.