Social Enterprise Services

Social Mission: From Poverty to Wealth one Business at a Time
PARTNERS is committed to providing business expertise to reducing poverty both globally and domestically.  Consequently, as part of our mission, we contribute time, gratis, to both local and global organizations working to alleviate poverty or increase opportunity, preferably through bringing business skills to the issue.  We are also investigating other opportunities to contribute to job growth through providing business skills, as well as exploring synergies with microfinance organizations.

Currently, we are working with:
Maine Technology Institute, Member, Biotechnology Board
GROW Volunteer Consultants, based in Uganda

For Social Enterprise Organizations
We assist social entrepreneurs with:

  • Developing effective business plans to attain financing;
  • Segmenting market effectively to generate new business opportunities and competitive advantage;
  • Entering new markets, including new geographies;
  • Launching new products;
  • Effective financial analysis;
  • Generating appropriate sales leads; and
  • Developing highly effective promotional plans.
  • And more.

Social Enterprise Speaking Engagements:
In the Spring of 2011, PARTNERS led a workshop at the Harvard Social Enterprise Conference 2011

Writing on Social Enterprise for  Articles include:

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Links to Resources for Social Enterprise  A global network of social enterprise expertise with local hubs, to assist in the success of your social enterprise.  The link provides the list of USA Fellows. From here, it is possible to find a link to Ashoka’s Fellows around the world. Ashoka is a national leader in supporting social entrepreneurs around the world.  A leader in the field.  Info and case studies

Experience Architect – Aspiring to make the world a better place through Social Innovation Online course on social entrepreneurship.