Market Research

“PARTNERS involved a key retailer in some pivotal primary market research, demonstrating customer interest in my new invention, and generated that retailer’s real interest in commercializing my product.” – Inventor client

Leverage our team of market research professionals to get the information you need on your marketplace.

  • Find the information that is already there, the studies that have already been done, the articles that have been written and the conversations that occur.  Secondary Market Research is the cheapest first step in obtaining market information.
  • Competitor Research – Understand what your market thinks of your company versus the competition.  Where do they say you excel?  Where does your market want you to excel?
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys – Learn how satisfied your customers are with your company.  Is your product or service really the panacea you believe it to be?
  • Telephone Surveys – We will work with you to design the most effective survey.  Then we speak to the appropriate people, and prepare a report with the key conclusions, as well as the data gained.
  • Online Surveys – We work with you to design the most effective survey, and implement it using the most advanced technology to get faster, cheaper and accurate responses.
  • Qualitative Research – Understand the critical questions and views in your marketplace unbiased by your presence in the discussion.  We have the expertise to obtain detailed discussions with the right people, and prepare effective reports with the major findings, supported by the detailed information.
  • Quantitative Research – Learn the market needs for different market segments through thorough research using the most advanced techniques and analysis.  The report provides the key conclusions, supported by the detailed data.
  • Analysis – Cross tabulation tables, regression, segmentation, text analytics, professional reports.

Case Study

Will customers use my new product?

Problem: The client wanted to find out whether his market would use a completely new software application. The client had been working to get appropriate respondents to complete his survey over 3 months. He had an agreement with a retailer to capture potential respondents at the point of sale. However, getting responses was very difficult, and only a few responses had been acquired.

Action: PARTNERS worked with the client to prepare an online survey and ensure the key data was captured in statistically significant numbers on the initial interest of potential clients in the product. PARTNERS created, loaded and launched the online survey using a novel approach required to reach qualified respondents. The approach demanded considerable technical sophistication. PARTNERS also gathered and analyzed the data from the online survey.

Result: We obtained survey results from 100 respondents in only 3 days – the client couldn’t believe how quickly the results rolled in. In addition, the data yielded actionable results. Conclusions were: (1) Respondents would not use the software for one purpose. (2) Respondents would likely use the software for the second purpose. The client is currently pursuing the second purpose of the software.