Time to Focus on the Important Things

As a business coach, I often hear that overwork and information overload are key issues facing managers today.  Consequently, personal development mentoring often involves encouraging clients to consider what they are working on, whether it leads to business success, and offloading activities that have negligible impact.  Here are some of the questions to look at below.

What are the big ticket issues in your business today?  What will have the most impact on your business without much work?  How do you ensure you spend time on these big hitters, given the myriad of urgent day-to-day items demanding your attention?

One way is to view everything you do from the perspective of how important it is.  Rigorously calculate the dollar impact of each item you tackle in your business.  If it is a small dollar amount, then drop it or delegate.  Why are you working on it?

Or tie any issue you work on to a key business issue – eg. a necessary process change that will improve your business.  And train your folks to do the same thing, resulting in a ripple effect of continuous improvement throughout your organization.

Another way to ensure you are focusing on what is important – take some time to consider your key business issues daily or weekly.  It doesn’t have to be a lot of time.  You know what they are.  But are you working on them?  If not, spend some time on the big hitters at your most productive point during the day.  Your business success depends on it.

Discuss the critical issues with your team, trusted friends, business coach and/or advisors.  It will generate excellent ideas and amazing forward momentum.

Tove Rasmussen
THRIVE Business Coaching and Consulting

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