PARTNERS at Harvard: How to Create a Social Enterprise

THRIVE is a social enterprise.  It has a double bottom line: profit and helping to reduce poverty in the world.

As a result, I found myself a panelist on “Real Cases in Social Enterprise” a couple of weeks ago at the Harvard Social Enterprise Conference.  I talked about the steps I had taken to develop a business model for THRIVE that encompassed profit and a social mission.

Each group that joined me to discuss developing a successful social enterprise business model was lively and full of good ideas.  It was an international group, with very experienced practitioners and those new to the field.

To come up with my business model, I started with the social mission.  For THRIVE it is bringing business skills to help reduce poverty in the world.  As business is central to the mission, it is only appropriate that THRIVE is a business.

Consequently, offering competitive rates to small and medium-sized businesses allows THRIVE to work with a few organizations dedicated to reducing poverty.

Currently, THRIVE is working with GROW Volunteer Consultants to help entrepreneurs in Uganda.  THRIVE is exploring ways to most effectively contribute to:
– microfinance
– Millennium Development Goal work, to eradicate extreme poverty (those living on less than $1 per day), and
– poverty reduction organizations closer to home, in Maine.

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