Get the Results You Want

What is the best way to get the results you want?

Well, the answer is simple.  However, following through, doing it, is not as simple.

First, you need to know what is critical for you to accomplish.  What will have the most, positive impact on your business?  What is that burning issue, the one you face everyday?  It could be increasing sales, boosting productivity, successfully developing a new product, successfully developing your people.  You choose.

Second, you need to spend time on that issue.  Preferably spend your best thinking time on it.  So, set aside your most productive time of day, and focus on your critical issue.  No interruptions.  I know I think best while walking, writing, or while drawing on a big white board.  So, allow yourself to do what you need to do to really think it through.

Consider whether you know how to solve the problem or not.  If you don’t, what resources will you use to figure it out:  What will you read?  Who will you talk to?  Then read up on the issue, talk with the experts, and come up with a plan.

Take your most productive time of day to figure out the solution and then implement the solution.  It is an iterative process; it takes patience.  However, dedicating the time to work on the issue that will have the most positive impact on your business gives you the best chance for business success.


Tove Rasmussen, Business Coach and CEO of Partners Creating Growth, offers business expertise worldwide to help organizations grow, and disadvantaged regions thrive.

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