Create and Implement an Effective Growth Strategy

Header largePCW helps you define the growth opportunities for your company.  We can work with you to understand the potential of of new products, markets and locations. We can also help you determine the appropriate messaging and marketing mix to sell the product or service.

We work with companies to establish an advantage over competitors in the marketplace that customers care about. We bring over 20 years of strategic planning – as well as implementing those plans – in a variety of industries including manufacturing, biotechnology, medical devices, plastics, and publishing. See article on competitive advantage.

We provide vital information and advice to:

  • Determine the best growth opportunities
  • Understand whether to launch the new product, enter a new market or geography
  • Facilitate Strategic Planning – either annual or ongoing processes
  • Guide company in an effective Strategic Planning Process for their situation
  • Get the information to excel in the marketplace through competitive advantage
  • Implement the growth strategy through business development assistance
  • Coach management team to make it happen
  • Operate as Chief Marketing Officer, as needed, to help company leverage a market focus