See with New Eyes: The Possibilities of the Everyday

Eye ElaineEveryday we see the customers, suppliers, employees and operate within our business environment. It becomes the same old, same old. Yet, within this situation and among the people surrounding us, there are possibilities. Ideas for new business growth.  How do we notice them?

Within the mundane lies marvelous opportunity. A new-found respect for the day-today as well as the thoughts of everyone around us, will help us notice opportunities we missed before. We will observe what is going on around us, listen with new ears, and see with new eyes. Then we just take simple, practical actions that will move us forward. Something many do not do.  For example, Panasonic was the first company to visit customers’ homes in China, finding out the size and orientation of the washers and fridges that would fit in the homes – catapulting sales 5 and 10 fold respectively.

It has to do with attention. Paying attention. Listening to others, especially those you think will not have the ideas you want. Understanding that they can be a special source of originality and insight. Ask questions, to be sure you understood. Probe for more detail, if there is any. Compile the ideas in your list of Opportunities.

Look with your eyes. See the needs that are there, that are not being addressed. Therein lies the gold. It may be a small issue or item. Start with that, if that is what you have. You can build upon it or add it to your list of new opportunity ideas – and then determine the best ones to pursue. Stay tuned for the best ways to evaluate these ideas in one of my future blogs – or feel free to contact me for assistance.

Don’t wait for the skies to open and the big answer to appear. Take small, practical steps toward finding unmet needs and meeting the need, toward realizing the opportunity. It is a process and you will learn as you go.


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