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Opportunities blog Oct 1 2014 Nigel HoweI hope you are up for a challenge, dear readers, because I have one for you. Beginning now, I challenge you to look for a few key business growth opportunities to focus on. We understand how difficult it is to find and implement new, good business opportunities. We know. We have been there.

Many stages of businesses- from start up to established – face challenges in identifying and implementing growth opportunities. Identifying the best opportunities to pursue can be helped significantly by supplementing sales information with insightful market research and effective analytical techniques. New and existing opportunities can be implemented more smoothly with excellent strategies, market research,  financial analysis capabilities, potentially business coaching and more.  A myriad of skills and abilities will take your company to the next level.

By achieving greater profitability, you not only improve your bottom line –but also the economy and community around you. The economic growth makes your world a better place.

Once you begin to look for opportunities, you will find yourself:

  • Scaling up the existing business
  • Moving into new, though related, markets
  • Launching new products
  • Getting into new cities, states or countries

For specific actions to grow your company, keep an eye on this blog. Much more information is forthcoming. Until then, take a look at our article on 14 Sources of Competitive Advantage or check out an earlier blog, 5 Keys to Business Growth, or scan any of the earlier blogs for advice to suit your needs. As always, feel free to let me know if you’d like me to cover a specific topic in one of our future blogs – input from my readers will provide excellent guidance on where to focus.

So, begin evaluating the growth opportunities surrounding you, with a view to focusing on the big-hitters. Take some time to work on them daily and see your world improve.



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