How do you and I Grow the Economy?

We all know the economy has been a bear that is slowly coming out of hibernation, it seems.  As leaders, we consider what we can do to improve things, to grow the economy. For me, the answer is to grow the sales and profits of small and mid-sized businesses, as well as the organic growth of larger companies.

There are many solutions to growing a business –  offering more value to customers, getting word out more effectively on the value the company creates, or moving into new markets and product lines.  At PCW, we are a partner with our clients in growing their businesses. This supports our social mission of securing jobs and providing more jobs, in particular to help disadvantaged regions thrive.

In Maine, small business represents 97% of all employers and employs 58% of employees as of the most recent 2009 data.  Small and medium businesses have the clout to be the engine of growth.  Excel in this economy and companies are in good shape for a booming one.  After listening to the international business plan ideas of my students this fall, I was inspired by the opportunity that exists.  Contrary to what many believe, there are opportunities in a down economy – we see it in the home hardware business, in coffee sales (who doesn’t need some more caffeine?).

So, the question now becomes, what are the key areas of focus to grow your business in 2013?  I am curious to hear your responses to this question, client or not.  Insight into what will make your business tick intrigues me and helps me to understand where to focus our business services.

Together, we can grow businesses to contribute to economic growth and increased job opportunities. I look forward to your ideas, and wish you all health, happiness and prosperity in the New Year.


Tove Rasmussen, your partner in business growth @ Partners Creating Growth, offers business expertise worldwide to help organizations grow, and disadvantaged regions thrive.

Photo credit: Banjo Brown

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