Excel thru Marketing-Operations Synergy

A strong strategic fit between marketing and operations can drive such strong relationships of trust and reputation that “the potential exists for any organization to develop intimate relations with customers to the point that they may be relatively rare and difficult for rivals to replicate,” according to a recent article in Business and Management Review.

Marketing scans the external environment for opportunity, which it transforms into solutions that generate value for customers. This can happen isolated within the Marketing silo. However, there is far more power if this is done in cooperation with operations, who will produce the product or provide the service.

Marketing’s strength is to create the vision, and Ops, who knows their capabilities, can ensure the new solutions are deliverable and can generate even more solutions. With Marketing ensuring the solutions provide value to the customer, the result are products and services that can be delivered effectively and provide value.

In addition, Ops can use the market insight when making the products and services, as well as to generate new products and services. The approach generates momentum and synergy between the Marketing and Operations functions of an organization.