Dangerous Gaps: What Information is your Business Missing?

Dangerous Gaps Norman BearSome pieces of information are critical to your business. What information do you need that uncovers potential market sales, brings home the value of your offering, or is the defining stroke for going forward with an opportunity? Without this information, the business suffers.

For some of you, the haunting question will come to mind immediately. Others will need to pull themselves up from the weeds to consider the big picture – what key piece of information is needed? What is missing? What information, if gained, will have the biggest impact on the business?

PCW is here to help with divining and understanding the key information needed – as well as acquiring the information for you.


Partners Creating Growth works with companies to realize their profitable opportunities. We have considerable experience in generating and selecting innovative ideas; developing and commercializing new products; and connecting to new markets. We offer coaching, strategic planning, market research and financing expertise worldwide to help organizations grow & disadvantaged regions thrive. Contact Tove Rasmussen @ 617-615-6419 or 207-409-7576 Email: Tove@PartnersCreatingGrowth.com

Photo credit: Norman Bear




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