Catch the Wave of Innovation in Maine: Start Up & Create Week

Innovation debaoklThere is a movement afoot in Maine – highlighted by Maine’s Start Up and Create Week, this week. Over 75 events. Over 45 panels, workshops, speakers. Countless connections, affiliations, partnerships and new ideas. It is an event fueled by volunteers committed to growing innovative businesses in Maine. Over 20,000 volunteer hours since the beginning of the year.

Just last week, Gorham Savings Bank held their Launchpad event, where Maine businesses competed for $30,000 to fund their growth. Flowfold,who makes wallets and tote bags from recycled high tech sail material, won the event where five finalists competed for the prize.

Just a couple of weeks earlier, with 10 finalists of the five month Top Gun program competing, John Rooks and Justin Jaffe of Rapport won the $10,000 prize. They had competed in 3 Top Gun locations to get to the finals, and  were judged on scalability, feasibility, viability, innovation and presentation. The Maine Center for Entrepreneurial Development runs the program, which is made possible by Maine Technology Institute, Blackstone Accelerates Growth Initiative and many sponsors and mentors.

When I think that IDEXX, now over a $1 billion company, began as a start up at the end of 1983, the potential of the many start ups and small businesses in Maine is staggering.


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Photo credit: debaokl (Sketchnotes based on chat with Trenton L. Cycholl, Group Director, Business Technology Solutions at Citrix.)


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