Case Study: Get Vital Customer Insight in Days

SMI Eye TrackingProblem: The client wanted to find out whether his market would use a completely new software application. He had been working to get appropriate respondents to complete his survey for over 3 months. He had an agreement with a retailer to capture potential respondents at the point of sale but getting responses was very difficult. Only a few responses had been acquired.

Action: PARTNERS worked with the client to prepare an online survey to determine the initial interest of potential clients in the product, and to ensure the key data was captured in statistically significant numbers. PARTNERS created, loaded and launched the online survey using a novel approach required to reach qualified respondents. The approach demanded considerable technical sophistication. PARTNERS also gathered and analyzed the data from the online survey.

Result: We obtained survey results from 100 respondents in only 3 days – the client couldn’t believe how quickly the results rolled in. In addition, the data yielded actionable results. Conclusions were: (1) Respondents would not use the software for one purpose. (2) Respondents would likely use the software for the second purpose. The client is currently pursuing the second purpose of the software.

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Photo Credit: SMI Eye Tracking