Business Growth Coaching

Rasmussen_T pro photoWant to grow your business to the next level? Our coaching and sounding board services help companies significantly increase sales and profits. We help identify and implement opportunities. We strengthen your insight and ability to understand the key levers and actions to grow your business. We work with you to to focus on what is important for growth. You are no longer alone. You have expert assistance in setting and accomplishing priorities. My bio.

We offer a variety of programs, tailored to your needs, including:

  • Quarterly Board meetings – Synthesize quarterly business updates to determine quarterly strategic priorities.
  • Monthly Focus Meetings – Here, we keep regular focus on priorities, synthesizing financial and operational reports and developing effective actions. Read about the power of the monthly focus meeting.
  • Weekly Action Meetings – Usually reserved for urgent issues and key priorities, these meetings focus on actions needed to get the job done.

Header largePARTNERS will coach you on a confidential basis over the phone and on skype, so we offer these services around the world.  We are focused on growth-oriented businesses be they start ups or long-standing businesses. We have experience in many technical and services industries including biotech, medical devices, plastics, materials, composites, software, information technology, cleantech, metals, packaging, energy and more.

Contact PARTNERS for a free initial consultation:

“Tove has done a great job of building a business from the ground up.  When she led the supply chain and business development at Honeywell’s PowderFlo® new venture start up, she quickly put in place a very focused team to drive results and to strategically set up a strategy for growth.  The business exceeded their business plans in the first year and went on to successfully transfer the technology.”  Whitney Erickson, Sr. VP, Men’s Health, American Medical Systems (previously GM, PowderFlo®, Honeywell)

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