Are you Considering the Big Questions?

Big Questions Marina del CastellAre you mired in the day-to-day? Getting the sale, customer service issues, invoicing, getting the job done. What brings you out of the trees to the forest? To focus on the key questions that will drive your business forward. What are the big questions?

Well, some key items to think about include the competition and the value of your business. What does your business offer customers that competitors can’t offer? Why do customers go to you rather than the competition? Do you know this, and base your answers on objective data – rather than a general feel. PCW conducts effective market research to gain the data you need – so you have the facts to base your plan on.

How about where you want your business to be in 5 years, and how you are going to get there? Have you thought about this in awhile? Do you have a process for ensuring this is revisited regularly and updated? Do you have a plan, and actions to get there? Are you working on them, or is the latest emergency getting in your way?

What about your ideal week? Knowing how best to spend your time allows you to focus on these key questions. And how you handle the burning issues of the day  can allow you to bring strategy into day-to-day issues. Remember to consider the longterm strategic impact of the emergencies – this increases your impact immensely.

Finally, considering and discussing key business issues with trusted advisors, your board of directors, your business coach, on a regular basis allows you to stay focused on them and to move forward. It is important to have an effective process and sounding boards to ensure the key strategic issues do not get lost in the weeds.

PCW can help you determine the key questions for your business, and the best way to ensure they are addressed effectively.


Partners Creating Growth works with companies to realize their profitable opportunities. We have considerable experience in generating and selecting innovative ideas; developing and commercializing new products; and connecting to new markets. We offer coaching, strategic planning, market research and financing expertise worldwide to help organizations grow & disadvantaged regions thrive. Contact Tove Rasmussen @ 617-615-6419 or 207-409-7576 Email:

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